Our Story


DeLaveaga -  Jose Vicente DeLaveaga, a successful businessman and
landowner, gifted his hacienda and land on the outskirts of Santa Cruz
to the city in the late 1800s to be used as a public park and recreational
area. Over the years, these hills have housed a zoo, Boy Scout camp,
Animal Shelter, Military Armory, Gun Range and Movie Studios. Today,
DeLaveaga is now home to a network of trails, wildlife, flora and fauna
as well as a host of numerous recreational activities: Golf, Disc Golf,
Archery, Baseball fields, Bocce Court, Volley ball Court, Playground and
Picnic Areas. and an award-winning Restaurant. As you enjoy
DeLaveaga’s surroundings, look closely and you may discover clues to
the Park’s unique history.

Who and what is DeLa?

DeLa is an endearing nickname for DeLaveaga, coined by locals that has been used throughout many generations. To many, DeLa is an experience, a moment, a place to create memories.  It’s the place where you got your first hole-in-one or the best round of your life.  You randomly came across a deer on the trails or spotted the Santa Cruz banana slug.  You got to the “Top of the World” on the disc course and checked that off your bucket list.  You laughed with your friends till hurt and realized your dice game needs some work. A toast here and some onion rings there, all is good in the world. 

Loustalot vs. Lost A Lot

Spelt like "Loustalot" pronounced like "Lost A Lot" but that doesn't mean we lost a lot of golf balls as people like to lovingly ask. We are a family owned business (50+ years) and Tim and Jamie are the second generation.  With a passion for what we do and a love for everything, DeLa, we believe in the human-nature connection and the value of play.  With the support of amazing employees, loyal customers and good friends (who keep us in check) we strive to continually provide an experience where one can exhale and just enjoy.

A Brand is Born

DeLa Santa Cruz is a brand that represents a lifestyle we believe in.  A balance of work and play, time with family and friends, good food and a glass of your favorite beverage.  Ahhh, so grateful!

Our online retail store showcases a special collection of logoed products featuring our cherished DeLaveaga Mountain, DeLa Santa Cruz, and iconic Santa Cruz brands - enjoy and bring a piece of DeLa wherever life takes you.